Friday, August 14, 2009

A Taste Trippin' Party!

Last night I went to a taste trippin' party at the Drake hotel in Toronto (I'm living in the city now).

This is something I have wanted to do for at least a year. I was so excited! At a taste trippin' party you eat something called a Miracle Berry. It has a funny effect on your tongue that makes it so that everything sour tastes sweet for the next hour. I've been dying to know if it really works.

So BF and I headed over and were each presented with a berry in a shot glass and a sheet of instructions.
You put the berry in your mouth, remove the skin and pulp and let the seed rest on your tongue for two minutes. Spit it out, and two minutes later you're ready to go!

They had all kinds of foods to try. There were lemons, limes, oranges, sour soothers, pickles, cheeses, brussel sprouts, mustards and apple cider vinegar to drink. This had better work!

The lemons and limes tasted just like candy! I was amazed! The flavour of the limes was indistinguishable from sweetened limeade. The oranges were so sweet that I actually didn't care for them. BF normally has no tolerance for sour food so he was pretty excited too.

Next I tried one of the pickles and a creamy cheese. I was disappointed to find that the restaurant had provided us with sweet gherkins and feta cheese, I wanted something with bite! Later I found out that they were in fact very, very sour pickles and sharp goat cheese, it was just that under the influence of the miracle berry, I honestly couldn't tell!

There was a gruyere cheese that tasted normal, the berry didn't seem to affect it. The sour soothers just tasted like regular candy, say Swedish berries. The mustards were intensified in flavour. I could barely eat them they were so strong! The brussel sprouts were delicious! They just tasted like yummy raw vegetable with none of the bitterness that makes uncooked brussel sprouts generally so unpalatable. And the vinegar had such a pleasant taste, unlike anything I've ever tasted before. John couldn't get enough of it.

The experience lasted about 20 or 25 minutes before it started to wear off. It lingered for about an hour after that, so the lemon wedges went from tasting like sweet candy to tasting like sour candy to tasting like sour lemons.

Afterwards we walked down the street to a bar for some drinks. They all tasted funny because of the berry. I had a cosmo and all I could taste was the vodka at first because the berry took away all of the bite of the lime and the cranberry. BF's beer was sweet and delicious and without the bitter aftertaste. As time went on though and the berry wore of I realized it was actually a really well made cosmo and I actually didn't like BF's beer after all.

It was a really cool experience, I think everyone should try it at least once. Although we had the actually berries, you can also order the berry in tablet form, I know ThinkGeek carries it here.


I read about this on another blog, so glad it's finally getting closer to my home. Although Toronto is not anywhere near my home, at least it's made it to the continent. I can't wait to have a Taste Test at my house.

Oh wow, awesome! I saw that berry taste-testing thing on an episode of...some show on Food Network that I can't think of right now.

I'm glad to see you're back in the city and happy to see a recent post! How's the bento-ing and cupcake making going?

Hi Jomamma,

They said at the party that researchers are trying to find ways to incorporate miracle berries into diet foods (so they can make them without sugar and save calories) so hopefully that means they will become more common in North America in the near future!

Hi Dominique,

I'll have to see if I can find that episode! Sadly I'm not baking or bento-ing at all right now. I just moved to a new city and I'm not in my permanent home yet (I can move in Sept 1st) so for the moment, all of my stuff is in boxes. Once I get moved into my new place, I will be back at it though!

Food Detectives! That's the name of the show. I finally remembered it earlier this evening. It also normally airs Monday nights on Food TV.

I can't wait to see your future bentos!

Hi Jacki,
I found your blog to be really interesting. I'm a Ryerson journalism student and am going to be doing an article on the miracle berry and in particular, the taste tripping parties associated with it. I was wondering if I could contact you (through e-mail or perhaps the telephone) about your experience with the miracle berry. I am looking for various sources for my article who have tried the berry. If you could contact me that would be greatly appreciated! My e-mail is
Thanks so much!

Lindsey, check out this blog too. Pikko had a post about these magic berries.

That is wonderful that it could help people with diabeties to taste sweet without the sugar.
I would like to experience this. Sounds interesting.

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